Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Programme is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum leading to a set of external examinations taken by students during May of their final year at ISH.

Students can either follow the complete diploma program which involves the study of seven subjects, an Extended Essay, and Community and Service, or they can take IB courses in individual subjects.

In all cases students enrolling in IB subjects must sit the examinations provided by the IBO. The IB is based on the pattern of no single country but strikes a balance between the specialization required in some national systems of education and the breadth preferred in others. The student who satisfies the demands of the IB Diploma demonstrates a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of the mastery of subject content and in the development of the skills, and the discipline necessary for success in a competitive world. Colleges and universities throughout the world welcome and value students who have achieved an IB Diploma.

During this academic year the school is offering or supporting the following subjects:

1. Language A – HL and SL
English A Literature, English A Language & Literature, Swedish A Language & Literature, Self-Taught A Literature, SL.

2. Language Acquisition – HL and SL
English B, French B, Spanish B, Spanish ab intio, Swedish B, Mandarin, Mandarin ab initio.

3. Individuals and Societies – HL and SL
History, Economics, Global Politics, Psychology

4. Science – HL and SL
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies SL

5. Mathematics –Math Studies SL, Mathematics SL and HL

6. The Arts – Visual Art HL and SL
Visual Arts HL and SL, Music HL and SL