Admissions Process DP (Gym)

The IB Diploma Programme has existed since 1968. It is taught by over 1,800 schools and is the only internationally recognized Upper-Secondary Education worldwide.

The language of instruction at ISH is English and all subjects are graded through a standardized system; approximately 20 – 30% by teachers at the school and the remainder through written exams which are graded externally by ‘IB examiners’ in other countries.
Entrance to the International Gymnasium Programme at ISH

Who can apply to the International Gymnasium Programme at ISH?
Any student who graduated from MYP (Grundskola) in Sweden or the corresponding year group from another country.
You apply in the same way you apply to other Gymnasium programmes, that is through gymnasieansokan using the password given to you.

Good knowledge is demanded, combined with a determination to spend time and effort on what is currently looked upon as the best Upper-Secondary programme worldwide.

Final grades from MYP combined with an entrance test in Mathematics and English are the entrance requirements.
Students applying from a school abroad, with English as the language of instruction, are admitted based on grades only. You apply by filling in the admission form (link below).

Application Process

  1. Complete Application for Enrolment form
  2. Attach with the application:
  • Student’s last 4 report cards and/or development plans
  • Relevant Special Needs documentation, if applicable

DP1 (Grade 11) and MYP5 (Grade 10) applications submitted after the closing date of Feb 15 at Antagningen should follow the above application procedure. Students from oversees may also follow the above application procedure regardless of when they are applying for. MYP5 students applying for MYP5 the Spring before they start should go through Skanegy

Online Enrollment link

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