Diploma Programme

The International School of Helsingborg invites you to the IB – Diploma Programme.

This globally recognized programme is a two year academically holistic international upper secondary educational programme. IB diploma candidates are sought out by universities worldwide. The programme forms an excellent foundation for further university education abroad (USA, Canada, UK, Europe) and in Sweden. With the language of instruction in English, the programme aims to develop internationally minded people. The IB – Diploma mission is to provide students with a basis to continue successfully in life and to achieve their best in whatever they choose to do.

Gymnasie curriculum

– MYP 5 (Åk 1)

The MYP 5 year prepares students for further studies of the IB – Diploma Programme. Students from the Swedish school system will improve their spoken and written proficiency in the English language while studying a broad range of subjects. In the spring term, students choose six subjects to study for the IB –Diploma Programme.

– DP 1 and DP 2 (Åk 2–3)

The two-year programme is academically challenging and balanced. It leads to an IB Diploma, which is recognized as an indicator of academic excellence and accepted by universities and other higher educational institutions worldwide. Students study subjects, one from each of the six subject groups: three studied at higher level and three at standard level. In addition there are three core elements that are compulsory and central to the philosophy of the IB – Diploma Programme: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and participation in CAS (Creativity, Action, Service).

The IB is no doubt a challenge and
a struggle but it promotes students
to value and appreciate the knowledge
that they attain which will lead them
to do great things.

After IB

The International School of Helsingborg has an excellent international college placement service, resulting in many of our students continuing to further their education abroad. Universities are seeking IB graduates, and as a result more financial aid is available to ISH graduates.


The International School of Helsingborg is open to all students who have completed Grade 9 in Sweden (grundskola) or have similar qualifications from another country. Apply as you would for any programme in the Swedish educational system. Your grades from ‘9th grade’ combined with entrance tests in Mathematics and English, along with an interview, are the entrance requirements.