Absence Reporting


Please contact Julie Little: Tel 042-10 57 05


In case of illness or other absence, all students shall report it via these phone numbers:

  • For an English speaking service: 0515-869 46
  • For a Swedish speaking service: 0515-777 604

A touch tone phone is necessary. The report will be entered directly into the database for the absence report system Skola24. It’s the same phone numbers for all students within Skolstaden.

When you call to make an absence report, please have the 10 digit personal registration number at hand. Please note that after the registration is complete, a confirmation will be given. The registration will be cancelled if the phone call is interrupted before the confirmation is given.

Please note that the report needs to be done before 12 (noon), for the report to be valid for that same day. The report has to be done daily during the whole period of absence. A report made after 12 (noon) is registered as absence for the following day.

To register a report valid for the same day, even if the registration is made after 12 (noon), one has to register via the student’s mentor, who will register the report in Skola24.

Students who leave school during the day should report to the mentor firstly, secondly to the current teacher, thirdly to the principal.

Parents do not need to have an account with Skola24 to be able to register a report via the phone. The only thing needed is a touch tone telephone.

If you, as a parent/legal guardian wish to see your student’s attendance, you can get access to the absence report system by filling in the form

MYP1 – 4: Skola24 application

MYP5/DP: Absence reporting and CSN policy