Drug Policy

Staff at ISH actively work for an alcohol-narcotics-doping-tobacco-free (ANDT) school.

Preventative plan

  • All staff and students take part in information/teaching sessions so they have an understanding of drugs and their damaging effects
  • Parents and students receive information on the guidelines for ANDT
  • The school works together with social services, health care and the police

Procedure for suspicion of drug use

  • Staff take immediate action if it is suspected that a student is taking drugs.
  • The staff member informs the programme principal and Head of School;
  • Parents are contacted as soon as possible for students under the age of 18;
  • Parents are contacted as soon as possible if a student who is over 18 gives permission;
  • The principal organises a planning meeting at the earliest possible opportunity where an individual action plan is put in place with clear division of responsibility;
  • The necessary staff are informed, following agreement from the student and parents;

Confirmed drug use

  • Planning meeting is organised;
  • Social services are contacted;
  • A contact person from the school’s student welfare team (SWT), with permission from the student and parents, is kept updated on progress made by the social services and any other support group involved, for example ‘Blåkamelen’ where a drug test can be taken;
  • The necessary staff is kept informed, following permission from the student and parents;

Action when a student is under the influence of drugs

  • A student who is under the influence of drugs shall, following contact with parents if under 18 years of age, be dismissed from school and taken care of in a reassuring way;
  •  A drug test is offered;
  • The principal calls a planning meeting;
  • Police are contacted if behaviour is in any way destructive;

Action if selling of drugs is suspected

  • The school leadership and student welfare teams are contacted;
  • The principal files a report with the police;