PTA – Parent Teacher Association

The ISH PTA (Parent Teacher Association) vision is to create a better everyday school experience for the students at ISH

The school has an active PTA which seeks to:

  • Encourage parental involvement within the school
  • Raise money for social and educational activities and equipment
  • Plan, organise and sponsor extra-curricular activities and events
  • Help families and staff adjust to their new environment
  • Foster a sense of community at the school
  • Facilitate communication between parents and school management

We achieve this by:

  • Holding regular meetings of the PTA Board
  • Raising money through social events, Spring Fair and annual family donations
  • Communicating to parents and staff via newsletters, e-mails and the PTA website
  • Hosting a variety of social events throughout the year
  • Introducing the PTA to new families at start of year events, providing opportunities for new families to meet and providing information via the New Parent Brochure

Click here to go to the PTA website.