Education with a global perspective

The International School of Helsingborg (ISH) provides state-funded early-to-secondary education to the international community of Helsingborg. We’re a tuition-free school for students ages 2 to 19 (the equivalent of K to grade 12) that’s accredited to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in English.

The students at ISH come from many different backgrounds and cultures. We strive to help each one in both their academic journey and personal development so they can be prepared as best as possible for the future.

There are approximately 825 students currently enrolled at ISH across four programmes:

  • Early Years – preschool for children from the year they turn 3 until 5 years of age
  • Primary Years Programme – primary education for students ages 6–12
  • Middle Years Programme – lower secondary education for students ages 11–16
  • Diploma Programme – upper secondary education for students ages 16–19, in preparation to attend university

Education for a better world

Our mission at ISH is to develop an international mindset in our students, as well as a global conscience. We want our graduates to recognise their common humanity and feel a shared responsibility for the planet so they create a better and more peaceful world.

Learning has no boundaries

At ISH, we believe learning has no boundaries. Our students come from almost twenty different countries all over the world, and the same goes for our teachers. We offer an educational alternative for families who have temporarily moved from other countries to the Helsingborg region or those expecting to move abroad in the near future. Most notably, our Diploma Programme provides an excellent foundation for a university education not just in Sweden but around the globe.

Result through inspiration

We take pride in the uniqueness and diversity of our teachers and students. Each and every one of them brings something exciting and enriching to the educational experience at ISH, which helps create an environment full of inspiration that leads to results. Students in our Diploma Programme, for example, perform considerably higher in terms of grades, points, and diplomas obtained than the global average for all IB students.

ISH Information for students and parents

Information for parents and students at the International School of Helsingborg can be found on our ISH Information website.

The ISH Information website is our primary channel of communication for all school news and events as well as important information – including parent handbooks, school services, student health and support, and policies. Parents and students can also view class schedules and download a range of forms.

We model action to inspire action

To help students become engaged global learners whose actions reflect the values of ISH, we consciously demonstrate such qualities through our own actions within our school community.

  • At ISH, students and teachers work together to create a safe and secure learning environment for everyone.
  • We recognise, acknowledge, understand, and celebrate diversity.
  • We provided opportunities to inquire, think, and reflect – so one can learn from their own experiences. Examples include learning partnerships cultivated with the ISH community that can be expanded to both a local and global level, as well as the continued development of a mother tongue language alongside learning new languages.
  • The ISH community makes a point of acknowledging and appreciating our host country of Sweden – studying its culture and learning the language.
  • Students are empowered to make responsible choices as global citizens through engaging learning experiences that utilise knowledge, aptitude, and mindset.
  • Communication and information technologies are used to enhance and expand the traditional role of education.

Join our team

Are you an educator who finds our mission and approach appealing? Why not become part of the ISH team?

We’re not just globally focused but also connected to our local community. As part of Helsingborg’s city schools, ISH works together with city services and local businesses. It’s seen as a key factor in enabling us to focus and be successful. As an employee of ISH, you’ll be part of the city’s collective effort to create the best schools for every child and student living in the Helsingborg region.